Goodlute Instrument Co. is a Brandywine lute manufacturer established in the year of the Pontoon (~500 summers past) by Plimkin Marton Goodlute. It is highly regarded for its steel-string lutes and is a leading manufacturer of all chordophones. Goodlute instruments can sell for thousands of GP, and vintage instruments occasionally command six-figure prices.

The company’s headquarters and primary factory are situated in Brandywine, located in the Western Hills region. The building includes the Goodlute Lute Museum, which features over 170 lutes made by the company over its history. Visitors can see pictures of famous lute owners, try out some lutes, or take a factory tour.


Plimkin Marton Goodlute (born Plimkin Marton Stonewaller) founded the Goodlute Instrument Co. in the year of the Pontoon. Like many halflings, Mr. Stonewaller turned a talent & hobby into a full time profession. Quite the precocious bundle of energy, he acquired a knack for woodcraft early in life and built his first lute at the sprightly age of 45. As is typical of halfling culture, his talent became a nickname that ultimately stuck. After 30 more years of intensive practice and travel, Plimkin Marton Goodlute founded the Goodlute Instrument Co where he worked until passing away at the age of 164.


Above: Possibly a picture of Plimkin Marton Goodlute. Also very possibly not.


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